Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This just in: I'm a cretin.

Not actually News, I grant you but as People of Science, we must test even our most evident axioms. So I finally post a comment on The Volokh Conspiracy, manage to hit send too soon and post a credibility-shredding study in incomprehension. A fairly definitive demonstration of ineptness, almost calculated to disappoint. Had I formed a month-long working party to blacken my name, I could have done little better.

Still, was a little disappointed at the previous comments in that thread, just as I am when PZ Meyers or his Squiddies resort to ad hominem over at Pharyngula , or any of the Crooked Timber-Wolves get Leftier-Than-Thou. Who'd have thought we'd use the InterTubes to be so Tribal, as virtual stables for our hobbyhorses? Using this revolutionary new form of interactivityu and communication we can...find like-minded people and agree with them. It smacks of the playground to me, something to ignore, most especially when you agree with the general sentiment.

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