Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Games, Movies, Ebert, Kermode, Uncle Tom Cobbley

Some debates drain all sense and energy from those not in their very midstmost midst. Now that enough time has elapsed (i.e. I finally remembered I'd started but not even half-finished this vain wrathful excuse for a post), let us, you and I, gentle reader, arm in arm, glare like scandalised, seed-denied Ostriches at the Tasmanian Devil-esque furore that surrounded that Roger Ebert piece, that Mark Kermode piece in the Observer, and indeed this and e'en this. Modesty forbids that I pull the intemperate responses apart in any detail. Suffice it for the moment to say that Ebert appears immediately correct, and ever-righter whereas at first glance, the Kermode piece appears to have been written in haste, an impression that does not dispel upon further acquaintance. The title doesn't help, but that was presumably a Sub-Editor's contribution. Still, while a less considered piece than either of Ebert's, it's equally clearly True, and Right and The Case. Anyone who disagrees is a Poo-Pants, possibly a Poo-Pants Pie. I can see that the unforced eloquence of my rhetoric has won you over, and no further denunciations need be rehearsed here.

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