Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Life's Lessons...

The estimable Raph Koster (who wrote the only readable book on game design) has compiled an extensive teleo-log of what we know about the world from games. Per ejemplo:
  • You can be the best in the world at your job.
  • But so can everyone else.
  • And you will all do it exactly the same way.
So far, so office-email. But Koster, rather sweetly, nudges further:
I realize this list may seem like a cutesy joke. But it isn’t. Go back, and re-read it. It’s actually a lament.
Amen. It's not entirely true that people who talk about games for a living insist that games are the full equal of other artforms, while people who actually make them know they're not. But it would suit this blogs purposes for that predicament to obtain, so I shall assume it is indeed the case in all further correspondence.

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